Enviropedia™ is an information and product lifestyle company. We build product experiences that include mixed reality. This includes smart phones, tablets, headsets, glasses, goggles, game consoles and smart televisions. We make products that can be useful in the daily lives for billions of people hundreds of times a day.




With a focus on spatial environments on a large and small scale, METALENS™ connects multiple Enviropedia™ products under one umbrella, creating powerful mixed reality experiences into a single view through a unified app (iOS/Android) and web-based platform for Web browsers, smartphones, tablets, and the Apple Vision Pro headset, connecting relevant information from multiple sources instantly.
Also see the METALENS™ NYC site.

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The Vessel. Located at Hudson Yards in Manhattan.



Street-level viewing technology displaying instant real-time and even information from the past. Discover, interact, and keep tabs on brands, locations, businesses and events at the street level, instantly.

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Photo of Bryant Park subway station  entrance. Real time information for things like subways is very helpful for mixed reality.



METALENS™ NYC brings together diverse NYC businesses, attractions, events and locations with users, customers, and more through a thoughtfully integrated app that changes the way we think about mixed reality.

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The front Entrance to 45 Rockefeller Center, facing Fifth Avenue with St. Patrick's Cathedral directly across the street.
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